Concerns the behavior of the company in compliance with environmental issues in terms of extraction, use and depletion of resources, pollution and disposal of debris and waste that impact on climate
change and ecosystems.


We refer to the treatment of people, workers, local communities in which our loved ones live, which are linked to issues of inclusion, health and social security


These are company policies related to the management of the company itself, namely the tax strategy, the organizational structure and remuneration, an approach that explicitly excludes investments on the
basis of criteria of corruption and of illegal activities that are harmful to ecosystems.
Metrika SGR is aware that through the adoption and implementation of efficient processes directed at the identification and prevention of the so-called ESG (Environmental, Social e Governance) risks, it is possible to promote innovation and sustain the economic development of our country.

Drawing inspiration also from the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, issued by the UN General Assembly, the systemic integration of ESG criteria in its own internal processes represents a fundamental starting point for the SGR to structure a sustainable investment policy.
On that basis, the SGR has incorporated extra-financial considerations in the design and management of the Metrika Fund that aim to create social and environmental added value, through the integration of sustainability and social responsibility criteria in the evaluation and selection of investment opportunities.

We are firmly convinced that only maintaining the maximum respect for the environment that surrounds us and for the dignity of the people it is possible to create value for our Clients and contribute to the sustainable development of the international community.
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SGR Iscritta nell'albo ex ART.35 del TUF presso Banca d'Italia
Sezione gestori di FIA, al numero 173, in data 30/07/2019
Arbitro per le controversie finanziarie (ACF)
Commitment Policy
SGR Iscritta nell'albo ex ART.35 del TUF presso Banca d'Italia, sezione gestori di FIA, al numero 173, in data 30/07/2019