Metrika’s approach


It is essential to adopt and implement processes aimed at preventing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) risks to promote responsible investment, fostering innovation and economic development in the country,

An investment policy oriented towards sustainability

The systemic integration of ESG criteria into business processes represents an essential starting point for Metrika, which – drawing inspiration from the UN 2030 Agenda – intends to structure an investment policy oriented towards sustainability. For these reasons, Metrika SGR has included sustainability and social responsibility criteria within the Metrika Fund, in order to pursue extra-financial objectives capable of generating added value from a social and environmental point of view.


We are committed to respecting the environment in terms of extraction, use and depletion of resources, reducing pollution and promoting the disposal of impacting debris and waste.


For us it is important that people feel at the center of corporate action, which must be oriented towards the issues of inclusion, health and social security.


We pay great attention to corporate policies relating to the management of the company itself, namely the tax strategy, organizational structure and remuneration.

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Metrika SGR S.p.A.

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