A unique know-how, at the service 
of the enterprises’ growth


Total sharing by Metrika Management Team of values, vision and investment strategy developed by operating for European and international funds always with particular focus on small- and medium-sized enterprises
Combination of the multi-year experience in the shared application of “Metrika” approach by all Management Team members and of the different expertise accrued by all stakeholders and particularly by investors in solid industrial, productive and technological contexts
Main focus on companies operating in industries such as mechanics, automation, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and food where the Management Team has always invested with satisfaction
Significant track-records the search identifying investment opportunities, as in the structuring and execution of operations and in the responsible and ethical approach to the role of board members
Proactivity in the “creation of value” value creation for portfolio companies by scouting add-on opportunities and internalization projects, improving internal control and reporting systems, as well as managing the dealings with the main financial banks
Flexible and efficient decision-making process which “also” aims to create value through business combinations in order to ensure upstream/downstream incorporation of the supply chain, open new markets or extend the product range
Assessment of each industrial investment opportunity, with medium-long term prospects and a prudent use of leverage
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SGR Iscritta nell'albo ex ART.35 del TUF presso Banca d'Italia
Sezione gestori di FIA, al numero 173, in data 30/07/2019
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SGR Iscritta nell'albo ex ART.35 del TUF presso Banca d'Italia, sezione gestori di FIA, al numero 173, in data 30/07/2019