The first production hub for dental implantology and prosthetics in Italy starts with the acquisition of Agliati s.r.l.

28 June 2023

The seventh investment by the Industrial Private Equity Fund Metrika starts an Industrial Holding Company with the aim of creating a hub of excellence in the dental implantology and prosthetics market

Milan, 29 June 2023 – Private Equity Metrika, led by partners Marco Giuseppini and Nicola Pietralunga, has completed its seventh investment by acquiring the majority stake in Agliati, a leading company in the design and third-party production of dental implants, prosthetic components and surgical instrumentation kits, through the incorporation of an Industrial Holding. The Agliati family will participate in the Holding’s capital with a minority share, guaranteeing the operational and management continuity of the company and supporting Metrika in the creation of the first industrial hub in Italy for third-party dental implantology and prosthetics.

Founded by Ignazio Agliati in 1973 in Ambivere (BG), Agliati boasts more than 30 years of experience in precision mechanics and a recognised know-how in the production of dental implants and prosthetic components, backed by a highly technological production facility that guarantees high quality and customised products, serving major national and international brands. Thanks to their continuous investment in research and development and its continuous adaptation to the highest industry standards, Ignazio Agliati, along with his qualified team, have managed to break into the prosthetic orthopaedics market in recent years. The company is certified ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and EU MDR 2017/745, the new European regulations on medical devices.

With Agliati’s acquisition, starts a solid industrial project aiming to develop a leading national and international platform in the supply of dental and prosthetic implants, exploiting the high fragmentation of the market and the characteristics that have always defined the success of family-owned companies in the Italian industrial tradition, such as high product quality and the ability to guarantee flexibility, expertise and customisation of production.

The project has the following goals:

  • The expansion of production capacity by increasing the current fleet and investing in a new production plant;
  • Growth through a targeted M&A strategy aimed at consolidating the Italian market by acquiring companies which are synergic to the project;
  • The expansion of technical solutions in order to increase the penetration of the orthopaedic market and access new adjacent market segments;
  • Inclusion of top management figures in order to strengthen Agliati and the Holding in the development of the project.

The Agliati family, which has always been close-knit and cohesive, and which will see further development thanks to the new generation, stated: “With Metrika we want to inaugurate a new and promising phase of growth and consolidation which, thanks to strategic acquisitions, set us on the path to become an industrial platform capable of meeting the growing demand for dental, orthopaedic and prosthetic implantology, both nationally and internationally”.

We are excited to announce the creation of the first industrial hub in the dental implantology and prosthetics sector in Italy, starting with the acquisition of Agliati, a leading Italian company in the sector. We are proud to start a partnership with the Agliati family, which will play a key role in the development of the project” said Nicola Pietralunga, Managing Partner of Metrika.

Marco Giuseppini, founder and CEO of Metrika, said: “This partnership aligns perfectly with our strategic vision to create a specialised hub of excellence that will drive innovation, research and development in the field of dental, prosthetic and orthopaedic implantology”.

Metrika was assisted for legal and contractual aspects by Riccardo Papetti, Laura Cinquini and Alessandro Carbone of CBA Studio Legale e Tributario, for tax aspects by Guido Sazbon, Paolo Cricchio and Camilla Branchi of Spada Partners, for financial aspects by Cristiano Proserpio, Roberto Stagnaro, Massimo Fagioli, and Maria Falcone of Spada Partners, for the insurance aspects by Guido Ruozi, Marco Radice Fossati, Marta Rossi and Mirella Livrieri of Willis Towers Watson, for the environmental and ESG aspects by Andrea Perna, Giovanni Aquaro and Anna Galbiati of ERM, for the structuring aspects of the deal by Daniela Deghi of Electa, and by Roberto Rosso and Elisabetta Bauducco of Keystone for the business aspects. Metrika was financed by the private debt funds Anthilia BIT III and Anthilia BIT IV of Anthilia Capital Partners with a team composed by Barbara Ellero, Tobia Dian and Federico Mantica.

The Agliati Family was assisted for tax aspects by Andrea Giacompolli and Silvia Rossi of Studio Giacompolli and for legal and contractual aspects by Claudio Tatozzi, Lea Lidia Lavitola and Francesca Gaveglio of Fivelex Law Firm.

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