A flywheel for value


From investors for investors

The Italian business market is made up of families and individuals who have been able to build solid and internationally recognized companies. In fact, it is precisely the companies that populate our roster of investors, linked to the Management Team by decades of mutual respect and trust.

Our skills combined with the experience of these great company captains become a valuable driving force at the service of investee companies. These elements are able to better guide its expansion and encourage the construction of investment and growth opportunities.

Metrika’s goal is to build a deep bond between the investor and the fund, nourished by constant dialogue and discussion, to create opportunities for growth and added value for all our stakeholders.

Metrika’s approach

the four dimensions
of growth

  • Optimise industrial processes

    • Application of Lean Production
    • Development of production plans
    • Selection of qualified workforce
  • Cost reduction

    • BOM cost analysis
    • Optimization of overhead costs
    • Cost center implementation
    • Introduction / strengthening of budgeting and reporting systems
    • Efficiency of production flows
  • Increment abroad commercial traction

    • Use of the Investment Team network
    • Acquisitions of foreign companies
    • Use of sector experts
    • Employment specific professionals
  • M&A strategy

    • Acquisition – through investee companies – of minor companies operating in the same market or in similar or similar sectors
    • Vertical and / or horizontal integration
    • Implementation of industrial synergies
Our strengths

A distinctive know-how at the service of companies

The combination of the proven effectiveness of the “Metrika” approach and the skills of our stakeholders makes us able to support investee companies in creating solid management. We give particular focus to companies in the mechanical, automation, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food sectors.
Significant track record
We have a significant track record in the search for investment opportunities, in the structuring and execution of transactions and in the ethical and responsible approach to the role of directors.
We build value through aggregations
We have agility and efficiency of the decision-making process that is aimed at building value through aggregations to integrate the supply chain downstream / upstream, open new markets or expand the product range.
Investment opportunity
We evaluate the single investment opportunity from an industrial perspective, with medium-long term prospects and a prudent use of financial leverage.
Sharing of values
We share the values, vision and investment strategy developed by the Management Team. We work for European and international funds, always with a careful focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.
We create value for the companies
We proactively create value for the companies in the portfolio by scouting for add-on opportunities and internationalization projects, improving internal control and reporting systems, as well as managing relationships with the main financing banks.
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Metrika SGR S.p.A.

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