Allegrini S.p.A.

Metrika starts from chemicals for professional cleaning, sanitization, cosmetics and invests in Allegrini

Metrika is now close to the threshold of 100 million euros of asset collection and chooses chemicals for its first operation: it acquires Allegrini S.p.A., with the aim of growing through acquisitions, internal development and expansion in foreign markets.

Milan, 27 October 2020 – Metrika Private Equity, led by partners Marco Giuseppini and Nicola Pietralunga, has completed its first investment by acquiring the majority of the capital of Allegrini, a chemical company based in Grassobbio (Bergamo) that has been operating in the field of professional cleaning and cosmetics since 1945.

In recent years the company has been characterized by strong growth, both in Italy and abroad, due to the launch of new high-performance solutions for professional cleaning and for the cosmetics market. The operational managers and partners, Maurizio and Ottaviano Allegrini, will remain at the helm of the company, flanked by Metrika, with the aim of further extending its development horizon.

The transaction aims to support Allegrini's growth on three fronts: externally, through the acquisition of strategic companies; internally, through a targeted investment plan to increase the production capacity and improve business processes; and through commercial expansion, with a particular focus on international markets.

With the strengthening of recent years, Allegrini has positioned itself among the main Italian suppliers of sanitizing gel, responding effectively to the high demand for sanitization products caused by the Covid-19, distinguishing itself both during the most acute phase of the emergency and after, thanks to its recognized high quality standards and its flagship product Primagel Plus.

"The choice of Metrika as Allegrini's partnersaid Maurizio and Ottaviano Allegriniwas based on the sector skills and the highly operational approach of his Investment Team; factors that from the first meeting allowed them to understand the main dynamics of our business. We are also already working with Metrika to start a structured development process, and we have already identified the companies best suited to our growth strategy through acquisitions”.

Marco Giuseppini, founder and CEO of Metrika, said:

"We are extremely pleased with this first transaction, and we are convinced that it represents the first in a series of investments aimed at creating value for our subscribers. Companies like Allegrini demonstrate that the national industrial ecosystem is alive and is rapidly rising to compete globally. Metrika, as demonstrated so far by the Investment Team over the years and as an alternative investment fund manager, strongly believes in the private equity sector in Italy, which acts as the driving force both for the recovery of the entire economy on the one hand, as well as a great return for investors on the other."

"The acquisition in Allegrini – according to Metrika Managing Partner Nicola Pietralunga – fits perfectly into the Fund's allocation strategy, aimed at creating value through investment in small and medium-sized Italian companies operating in the main industrial sectors. Allegrini is one of the most recognized players in the market niche of professional cleaning and cosmetics and has distinguished itself in recent years for its high technical know-how, extreme operational flexibility and its ability to offer a 360-degree customer service. All combined with a product quality that is positioned on the high end of both reference segments."

Metrika was assisted by lawyers Riccardo Papetti, Laura Cinquini and Cesare Saputo of the law firm NCTM for legal aspects, by Alberto Russo, Alessandro Manias and Martina Dal Lago of the tax firm Russo De Rosa Associati, Andrea Longoni and Agnese Camertoni of KPMG for accounting aspects, by Milena Brambilla and Jacopo Gerbi of Tauw for ESG and environmental aspects, by Maurizio Silvestri and Paolo Silvestri of Exorao for the technical and operational aspects of the company and by Giuseppe Puccio, Giammarco Pellegrino e Leone Iaboni of Banca Akros as financial advisor.

Allegrini's shareholders were assisted by Alessandro Zanca, Dario Baiocchi and Matteo Compagnoni of KPMG as sell-side advisors and lawyers Alfredo Craca and Tania Valle of the law firm 5Lex.

Federico Born and Matteo Parisi of Banco BPM, who financed the operation, were assisted by lawyers Davide D'Affronto and Cettina Merlino of the law firm Simmons & Simmons.

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SGR Iscritta nell'albo ex ART.35 del TUF presso Banca d'Italia, sezione gestori di FIA, al numero 173, in data 30/07/2019